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Creepypasta OC: Ada
(Please note that this species 'Sirens' isn't the species you may know from greek mythology and neither are they mermaids. I created this species myself, and for creepypasta only.)

(Also, if you wanna see more of this and about her, follow my IG page @x.spacejunk.x, or the page I created for her and my other OC Shark, @ada.shark.)

•Name: Ada (Just a made up name that she introduces herself with. Sirens usually don't have names and Ada used to be nameless aswell.)

•Age: 122 (looks like a young adult)

•Height (length): Changes with the shapeshifting.

•Gender: Female

•Sexuality: Unknown

•Species: Siren (Shapeshifter)

•Language: Sirens speak their own nameless language, but others hear the language they understand best.

-Tall, slim (but hourglass figure, very long elegant legs etc) woman with blonde hair down to her lower back.
-When in human form, appearing incredibly beautiful with strange amber eyes. (In human form, she is very attractive and irresistable to humans, no matter their tastes 
 and  preferences.)
-When changing to Siren form, red glowing eyes, very skinny (ribs showing etc) and fish scales on parts of her skin, the ears, nails and fangs becoming long and pointy/sharp. -When in full Siren form, long green fishtail with skin-webbed spikes (fins) on the tail, back, elbows and ears, also she breathes underwater with gills on the sides of her ribs 
 and neck.
-Overall her appearance is very elegant in an eerie way.

•Personality: Unknown, actually.
She always fakes that very teasing and seducing personality, her hunting method. No one got to know her real self, mostly because she has respect for nonhumans and keeps her distance. The only thing thats certain is that she's very smart and observing.

•Backstory: Also unknown. Nothing really special. She's one of the few remaining Sirens in the world, wandering the forests ((lakes, rivers, swamps (oh,she really loves swamps), sometimes the ocean)) never too far from her prey.
Sirens reproduce by using a victim before they eat them, only once in their lives and then usually leave the daughter to grow up alone (there are no males), so Ada never got to know her mother. They have a long lifespan so if her mother hasn't been killed it's likely she's still out there.

•Relationships: Has met my other OC, Shark*, and still does from time to time. They often get into (physical and brutal) fights because she just keeps teasing him and he is very agressive.
Ada has also crossed paths with the Rake, Seedeater, Jane and Eyeless Jack. She never got close but she and Rake respect each other a lot and share 'hunting' areas in the woods.

•Reason to Kill: Survival.

•Method of Killing: Many.. usually she lures her victims in and then attacks them.
-In her human form she shapeshifts a little to grow out her teeth and then bites them in the neck,
 when taking on siren form (mostly in the water at this point) she drowns them or knocks them out with a hit of her tail (sometimes she stabs them with the spikes on her fin and lets them bleed to death if she's lazy).

•Likes: Being near humans (she thinks they're sooo interesting and they make such tasty fish food), simply for the cause of watching them and sometimes interact with them. Strolling around in cities, even.
Also she loves taking long naps in the forest.

•Dislikes: Winter, when the lakes are frozen and the humans hide in their cozy buildings, the most horrible time of the year.
Like fish, Sirens are poikilothermic, meaning Ada's blood changes with the temperature. During winter it cools down, making everyday life a struggle because she is constantly slow and sleepy.
Also she hates being called 'Fishgirl'..
(Shark, I'm looking at you!)

•Alliance: None.

-Her seducing powers as a Siren (humans only),
-claws, fangs, tail (She can knock a human out with one hit of her tail or pierce them with the spikes of her fin.),
-speed (very agile, which is good for escaping her enemies on land.)

•Danger Level: Medium. For humans very dangerous, everything else depends on the enemy.. If a demon decides to kill her she will go down as fast as a normal animal unless she escapes.
Also depends on if shes in the water or not (on land she is vulnerable but underwater she is horribly dangerous and fast). Shes better in observing and manipulating than actively engaging in fights with non-humans.

-Apart from her siren powers, shes very smart and cunning, sensing the mood and weaknesses of someone, using it against them.
-Very good at distracting enemies with confusing conversations (over their fears and weaknesses for example, because she senses them), if cornered.
-Knows when a fight is pointless (*cough* ..well, not when it comes to Shark, it seems.), and is ready to ally with anyone as long as it benefits her.

-First priority is always her hunting instinct. It defines everything she does and lures her near humans like an insect to a light source, which isn't always beneficial for her.
-Extremely cold temperature (esp. underwater) because it slows her down.
-On land she is easy prey if youre fast enough to catch her. Her skin is sensitive and needs water or she turns dry and weak. Her wounds don't even heal properly  out of the water.
-Also.. fishing nets.

-Fishing nets. Her eyesight is made for deep underwater, she doesn't see fine details like that (Its a death trap. And I'm talking huge fishing nets made out of hard wires where she can't bite through).
-Also any kind of shooting weapons. 

•Disorders: She doesn't have human Ilnesses like that, although she shows sadistic behavior (not a Siren trait, but part of her personality).

•Fun facts:
-Ada comes to her prey, instead of waiting for it to come to her. She likes being in her human form and in human cities, which is very untypical for Sirens, who usually ONLY take on a human form before the kill.
-She loves dressing all black, and you will only see her in black clothes or entirely naked.
-Because she wants to blend in with the humans when she is 'observing' them, she occasionally smokes cigarettes because she sees everyone doing it.
-She has a fascination for shiny things and Sharks hair.
-She makes animal noises sometimes (hissing, growling, etc).
-Also, her powers to attract humans aren't nescessarily of sexual nature. For example, if she comes near a child, they will just feel super comfortable and safe around her. It is more what attracts a person most, which isn't always Sex, but mostly.

(Ada belongs to me and exists since summer 2014)
*more info about Shark is coming soon.


No journal entries yet.


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